Auntie Doris’s Archive


The Auntie Doris Years: My guide to the Twentieth Century, year by year

Auntie Doris’s Book Club: Every now and then, when I read a book I review it on here. If its any good

Auntie Doris’s They Died Too Young: My look at some well known figures who passed over to the other side tragically early

Auntie Doris’s Guide to the Tarot: Real Tarot Readings, From a Ruddy Expert… Me!

Auntie Doris’s Sexual Healing: Advice and help for the sexually troubled, each article features Marvin Gaye’s Glistening Tip

Auntie Doris’s Mysteries of the Unexplained: Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters, Conspiracies and the Paranormal

Auntie Doris’s Great Works of Art: The true stories of all your favourite works of art

Auntie Doris’s Life On the Other Side: The Facts about What Happens when you Die

Auntie Doris’s Guide to the Zodiac: An explanation of the characters of people born under each of the twelve signs of the zodiac

Auntie Doris’s New Zodiac: My Improvements on the old Zodiac signs

Auntie Doris’s Christmas: featuring the Twelve Days of Christmas

Auntie D0ris’s New Year’s Revolutions

Auntie Doris’s That’s Swearing: Some of my favourite and not so favourite cuss words with suggestions for when and when not to use them

Doris’s Digest:  A Collection of short articles on interesting topics in the style of the Reader’s Digest

Cordelia Bright and The Headless Orphans: When I do fiction, I do it right!

Other Bits and Bobs

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