Do You Ever Get That Feeling?


You know the one I’m on about. The one where you need sexual healing! Well about a year ago, against my better Judgement, my nephew Michael decided that it would be good for me to try my hand at being a ruddy Agony Aunt. And what with me having recently met Marvin Gaye to discuss stuff for my “They Died Too Young” pieces, he thought that it would be good for me to team up with him on the other side.

The thing was, I hadn’t properly appreciated just how ruddy filthy our Michael can be, or that Marvin Gaye either. I should have known better. After all they are both men and as we know, men have a one tracked mind. I reckon that they made half of the problems up between them, although I reckon that they have had a crack at most of the filthy ruddy stuff they talked about at one time or another. They were probably egging each other on an’all.

Any Road, the result of the exercise was one of the most controversial and hotly debated Auntie Doris series ever “Auntie Doris’s Sexual Healing featuring Marvin Gaye”

As you know, my nephew is intent on putting the whole archive onto WordPress (although the first five or six months were only on Facebook.) Today he wasted a good hour uploading all the sexual healing articles.

The full, developing archive of all my little homilies can also be found on WordPress.

Full archive

Sexual Healing

They Died Too young – Marvin Gaye

5 thoughts on “Do You Ever Get That Feeling?

  1. Good morning Auntie- perhaps you can help my co-worker? She and her boyfriend live in his family’s basement, and his Granny listens outside their door when ever they have sex. We suggested not having sex, she spent the day in tears. I think the dirty old cow just thinks Christa is being throttled, what would you do? Cheers.

  2. Good evening Worzel. I am sure that Christa will be delighted that you have plastered her little problem all over the ruddy Internet for all and sundry to read. Has she considered inviting granny in to watch, or maybe to come and bring her and her boyfriend a cup of tea when they have finished. Alternatively, leave a comfortable chair near the door with a packet of digestive biscuits and a copy of the “people’s friend” magazine on the arm. She will become so absorbed in the fiction, recipes and articles about Bonnie Scotland that she will soon forget about the shenanigans on the other side of the door. Then, after a while, they could gradually move the chair to a more suitable location, leaving them to have carnal relations in private.
    Have you talked to her about “protection”?

    • Thank you Auntie for your thoughtful and sensative regards for poor Christas’ granny troubles. I will share with her your sage wisdom. Yes, we all gave her condoms for her birthday, a furry car wash mitt, feathers and a douche kit. Thank you so much, xxooo, Worzel.

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed this grubby little tour down (I was going to say down memory lane but that’s an expression) down the seedier side of town. I giggled from one posting to the next (and during the postings as well). How wondrous that you can add “Agony” to the list of superlative prefixes to your title of Auntie.

    • Thank you Bruce… You have hit the nail on the head though, with your description “grubby little tour.” The likes of you and I are tourists, who can treat such homilies as an interesting diversion from more literary pursuits. Sadly, I think that there are some salacious so and so’s about who glory in stuff like that. I hope that I don’t attract too many of them to my little corner of the Internet.

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