My Guide to the Tarot



My Tarot card homilies are an ongoing project. All the links will get filled by the summer of 2015, so you will have to be patient. I draw a new card every Sunday and post my reading that evening at 10.45 ish. Beware of the Tarot. Dont Dabble with Forces that you do not understand. Also don’t pinch my readings. Its all copyright to My Nephew Michael, as he intends to expand on it all and publish. Although what ruddy good it will do him The Lord alone knows.

Ace of Wands          Ace of Swords        Ace of  Cups       Ace of Pentacles

 Two of Wands         Two of Swords        Two of  Cups       Two of Pentacles

Three of Wands      Three of Swords       Three of  Cups     Three of Pentacles

Four of Wands        Four of Swords        Four of  Cups       Four of Pentacles

Five of Wands        Five of Swords        Five of  Cups       Five of Pentacles

Six of Wands           Six of Swords        Six of  Cups          Six of Pentacles

Seven of Wands    Seven of Swords       Seven of  Cups     Seven of Pentacles

Eight of Wands      Eight of Swords       Eight of  Cups      Eight of Pentacles

Nine of Wands        Nine of Swords        Nine of  Cups       Nine of Pentacles

Ten of Wands          Ten of Swords         Ten of  Cups       Ten of Pentacles

Page of Wands        Page of Swords        Page of  Cups       Page of Pentacles

Knight of Wands    Knight of Swords        Knight of  Cups   Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Wands      Queen of Swords       Queen of  Cups     Queen of Pentacles

KIng of Wands        King of Swords        King of  Cups       King of Pentacles

0. The Fool

1. The Magician

2. The High Priestess

3. The Empress

4. The Emperor

5. The Heirophant

6. The Lovers

7. The Chariot

8. Strength

9. The Hermit

10. Wheel of Fortune


12. The Hanged Man

13. Death

14. Temperance

15. The Devil

16. The Tower

17. The Star

18. The Moon

19. The Sun

20. Judgement

21. The World

You are allowed to comment... I don't ruddy bite, you know...

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