DorisHello Dear,
Thank you for clicking or tapping or whatever you did to get here. I suppose that you did it because you wanted to find out a bit more about me. Some people might call you a Nosey Parker, but we know the difference between Nosey Parkering and taking a healthy interest, don’t we.
Any road. I’ll tell you a bit about myself.
I was born in the City of Hull, in East Yorkshire, in the North of England in September 1914, a month after the Great War broke out. If you are any good at maths you will realise that that would make me 100 years old if I was alive today. The thing is, I am not alive today. I died in 1995 of a malignant tuna in my bosoms.
But then in 2013, I managed to manifest myself in the land of the living through the body of my nephew, Michael. This was made possible by the fact that the filthy so and so was fiddling about with a pair of my old tights. Men! Forever dabbling with forces that they don’t understand. And women’s underwear an’all.
At first it was fun to speak through him, and do a bit of a clairvoyant act in the local pub. He always has been a bit of a show off, that one, and he was glad of the attention it got him.
But as well as being a show off, he also fancies himself as a ruddy literary genius an’all, so he starts getting me to do a bit of writing as well as the live stuff.
This started with him getting me one of them Facebook accounts. I still have it now, you can be my “Friend” if you like. But eventually, he wanted me to do this WordPress “blog” thing, because he thought it was posher than Facebook, and more suited to his aspirations.
After a year of writing a different little homily each day, he let me slow down a bit. Mainly because together, we had produced that much stuff, he wanted to organise it and make a book out of it. so far he has only written a thin book of “poetry” he reckons that with my help he will break the Sunday Times top twenty books list.
So these days, I am only posting things on WordPress on Wednesdays and Sundays…. Wednesday’s are for updating everyone on how he is getting on with the book editing, and Sundays for my ongoing guide to the Tarot.
Meanwhile he is looking for agents and publishers and trying to sort out a book by expanding and developing all my “Auntie Doris Years” pieces.
I still do occasional other bits and pieces… For example my Book Club comes out whenever I finish reading a half decent book, and other little asides every now and then.
If you click on “Archive” at the top of the page, you can find links to all my old articles. Our Michael is still uploading stuff from my Facebook only days, so it’s always worth a look if you fancy some old stuff.
Or you could have a look at some of my more popular little episodes. Here’s my top five greatest hits….

Auntie Doris’s Guide to the Tarot #41: Death
The Auntie Doris Years: 1936: The Berlin Olympics
Life on the Other Side #2: So You’re Dead, What Now?
That’s Swearing #4: Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood
They Died Too Young #12: Auntie Doris

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Okay, well I came to visit because you left such a great comment on my blog today and I am even more amused over here. What to make of this?? Hmmmmm – – I will surely look into it some more!! That means explore your blog, of course! Take care.

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  3. Thanks for following my blog Doris. Looks like you were leaving about the time I was arriving. You’ve written some great posts and I’ve really enjoyed reading some of them. You should watch that nephew though – a bottle of sherry (which is quite cheap at Morrisons at the moment I believe) isn’t much reward for all that hard work. I would tell him you want a few bottles of Perrier water as well.

  4. Dear Auntie Doris,
    Thank you for your lovely note. It was all terribly exciting, we saw people eating chips out of doors. You asked about the cake. Date and walnut loaf – two pieces each, and then as a treat half way through the set we tucked into milk chocolate slices. Slightly reminiscent of mini swiss rolls, but much nicer. Rich needed Coke to get him through the evening, and it was well worth it.
    Hope you are well over there.

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  7. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Auntie Doris. I hope you have found lots to entertain you and perhaps made some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for some time check it out again! I suppose Glen Miller and that Hendrix boy can be quite noisy sometimes where you are! Regards Thom.

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