Auntie Doris’s Book Club #10: “Mother Mining” by Janice Wilberg

mother miningAuntie Doris’s Book Club #10: “Mother Mining” by Jan Wilberg

You only have to read one or two of Jan Wilberg’s blog entries on the internet to realise that she is a ruddy good writer and a wise and interesting person to boot. She has her head screwed on the right way does Jan. She is a woman who understands what being a woman is all about. In this book of hers, “Mother Mining” she writes about motherhood from all different angles. And she knows a fair few angles; daughter, mother, adoptive mother, new mother, old mother, grandmother, the ruddy lot. And she thinks about other mothers too; her own mother, the mothers of the lads that she has adopted, her lad’s mother in law, she even thinks about the mothers of people in prison and stuff.

And the book is all short essays and reflections, so its very easy to read. But its very thoughtful an’all. You get a real sense of how Jan thinks about being a woman and motherhood, and you get to share her sense too. And she is a sensible lass; full of common sense, like mothers should be.

Me, I never was a mother, and don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you different. Of course, I’ve always been good with kiddies. My little sister April May was 21 years younger than me, and I looked after her as if she was my own. And her kiddies too, my nephew Michael and my niece Pamela, I always kept an eye out for them and made sure that I got them something nice to read at Christmas. The gift of good reading is a real gift in my book. How would I be able to read stuff like what Jan writes without it? How can we learn anything if we can’t read? And don’t say the ruddy television because that’s all celebrities and nonsense these days, the sort of stuff that is completely absent from Jan’s book, and its much the better for it.

Its a shame that you can’t get this book on the amazon Kindles, but you can easily get hold of a paperback copy of it. Mine only took a couple of days to arrive, and I’m on the other side!

Get the ruddy thing ordered now. And while you are waiting for it to come you can have a read of her blog, which has loads of interesting articles in it, not just about mothers, but fathers an all, (I wonder if she might to a follow up called Father Farming? As long as she doesn’t do one about ruddy baby farming eh?) and all sorts of little homilies and tales about all aspects of life. Apparently, she has had her stuff printed in the New York Times and other posh places a s well. I Will have to pass on the address of the Peoples Friend to her, I’m sure that they would love her stuff, in the magazine and the Fireside Companion.

Jan’s Blog is called Red’s Wrap