pigs headI never held with ruddy Hallowe’en. Another excuse for the kiddies to come terrorising you, leaving filthy parcels on your doorstep, chucking eggs at your windows and such like. Now that I am dead, I like it even less. Its on a par with racialism and homophonia to make fun of dead people, using crude stereotypes like skeletons and ghosts with sheets over their heads. Have a little ruddy respect, that’s all I have to say on the matter. You will be dead soon enough, and then you’ll understand.

Any Road, I noticed that a few people have been putting scary stories on here, and one of them, “Would you like flies with that?” by my old friend Nicholas C Rossis, has a pigs head in it. I reviewed his science fiction book  “The Power of  Six”  in my Book Club a few weeks ago, a ruddy good read it was. and this story is too. Only its not so much science fiction as like an episode from the “Twilight Zone” which was a good programme if you liked having the willies put up you on a Saturday night.

Pigs is the theme of one my nephew Michael’s poems out of another book that I reviewed in my book club. “The Great British Poets” so in the spirit of Hallowe’en and as a compliment to Nick Rossis’s story I give you a taste of our michael’s literary offerings


Hog Roast

I must admit that I’ve had better days
Trotting, truffling
Snorting, snuffling
I used to have cloven hooves
I used to have a curly tail
I used to have a sty of my own
I used to enjoy simple pleasures
For crying out loud!
Look at me now
What am I reduced to?
A Sideshow
Skewered and scorched
Sliced for sandwiches
Apple sauce?
Don’t mind if I do!
Mind you
Mustn’t grumble
Chin up
Keep on smiling
I’ll survive
No.. I will
I’ll live on in all those who munch on my mortal remains
Ingesting the messages stored deep within my DNA
Replicating and reproducing
You, my new host
A little less human
A little more porcine
A little less you
A little more me
I don’t mind if I do!

The Great British Poets Volume XVIII: Mike O’Brien is available as both an illustrated paperback and a non illustrated kindle thing on the Amazon.