The Auntie Doris Years: 1933

Hitler-and-Hindenburg-300x242My heart sinks when I think about 1933. Because that’s the year that Ruddy Adolf Hitler took over in Germany. And he didn’t mess about either. By the end of that year, he had passed a law that turned him into a dictator, pulled Germany out of the League of Nations, banned trade unions and all political parties except the Nazis, staged book burnings, started persecution of the Jews and other religious groups, opened his first concentration camps, and started a programme of enforced sterilisation for all those who he deemed “unfit to breed.” And there were plenty of Germans who were happy to go along with it too.

Have our politicians today learned anything from the events of 1933 in Germany? Of course they ruddy have. And this is what they have learned: When there is a shortage of money to keep the middle classes in the comfort that they have come to expect, blame people worse off than them, or people different to them. Blame the disabled, the sick, the unemployed, “foreigners,” the elderly, the Trade Unions, the liberals and so on. In other words blame the people who can’t stand up for themselves and blame the people who stand up for them. It makes my blood boil. It ruddy does. I like a laugh, and it would be easy for me to make a load of comments about stuff like Hitler’s ruddy silly moustache, or his ruddy silly haircut, or his ruddy silly ball bag being only half full, and of course, we all used to do that during the war, and Freddie sodding Starr is still making a living out of that sort of thing when he is not eating peoples’ hamsters, bless him, but to be honest. He’s not ruddy funny. And neither is that arse you have in Downing Street now, who can find unlimited money when some people in the home counties get flooded, but cant look after the elderly, poor and infirm properly without blaming everything on benefit scroungers, when its quite plainly him and his public school chums with their hands in the cake tin who are the biggest part of the problem.

There! I’ve ruddy well said it now! Even on the other side you have to go for a lie down sometimes, and perhaps I am a bit overdue one. But never mind. You know what else happened in 1933? Walt Disney released “The Three Little Pigs” which went on to become one of his most loved Silly Symphonies. So all wasn’t completely terrible with the world after all. Auntie Doris’s Pop Pick of 1933: “Stormy Weather” By Ethel Waters. You know this song. You must know it. If not find it on the ruddy internet and listen to it. And then think on. If Hitler had had his way in America, then she would have never made that record and you would have never have had the pleasure of it. And she wouldn’t have gone on to have little Roger, and the Pink Floyds would never have happened either.