Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #78 The Ten of Cups: April 27th – May 3rd 2015

10 Cups

This is the final card from my pack. I have been randomly drawing them every Sunday for a year and a half now, And this one is the last of the lot.  it is also one of the nicest cards you can draw. So thats something positive to end on isn’t it? Cups stand for health and family and happiness, and ten cups is the most you can get, and there is a lovely little picture of a couple and their children out in the fresh air on a nice sunny day celebrating what they have. a nice house, fresh water, good health, and clear blue skies. If people in Britain can look at that picture and feel bitter and cynical, rather than happy, that is because they have just had to put up with that ruddy oily, insipid, David Cameron as the prime Minister for the last five years.

No doubt the likes of David Cameron would point to those people and lie through his teeth that they are just the sort of people he stands for. “Decent, hard working people” that he is always rabbiting on about. “People who i care passionately about”. He would say that, but he cares a bit more passionately his old School chums and how they can get the good life that the likes of you and me deserve. He would have the land under these people’s feet fracked for gas, and destroyed the idyllic scenery. if the couple or their children got ill, his government wouldn’t look after them, but pass the buck to private, profit driven companies. When they grow old, he would have the same private businesses look after them as cheaply as possible, using workers on them ruddy zero hours contracts, only he would change their name to “flexible contracts” and argue that people want to sign up to work when they don’t know how often will happen and how often they will get paid because thats somehow more convenient for them.

He would have the kiddies sent to privately run schools with equipment paid for by businesses trying to brainwash them into buying their products rather than encouraging them to think for themselves. He would have a country full of ignorant, “decent” Daily Mail readers, who believe that the unemployed are lazy, that the sick are somehow to blame for not buying private insurance, that anybody different to them wants to destroy all that is good about the country. When in reality, some of the best about us British people are our openness to new ideas, and our willingness to care for the disadvantaged.

These are my last words for a while, so please indulge me. i know I’m on my ruddy high horse. but I lived through what the socialists did after the war, and I was ruddy proud to be a part of it. National Health, Public Transport, Welfare State, Comprehensive Education, The BBC, things that the ruddy Tories and the Mail readers would have us laugh at as being old fashioned and “Communist.” as if there is anything old fashioned or communist about educating and looking after people.

The Labour Party that you have today might not be as daring and honest as the one we had back in the 1940s. there may not be any Atlees or Bevans knocking about, or even any Harold Wilsons, or John Smiths. But this modern world with its ruddy obsession with appearances and presentation, means that we have to go with grinning mannequins. But we are better off with socialist leaning grinning mannequins who actually care about ordinary people that right wing grinning mannequins who just say they do. Perhaps if we can get back to a more caring society where health and education are not just mechanisms to support profit, then political debate will become popular again, and the average person will feel more inclined to look behind the facade and think about what really matters. Families, and good health and enjoying clear blue skies and the good things in life. For everyone, not just a few.

Any Road

Four things that you might do this week. (i) Have a good think about how you are going to use your vote in the upcoming Election. Will you be sensible or selfish? (ii) Think about other people and how you can help them. (iii) think about your family and those you love and what they actually need to be happy. (iv) Start a new era where you can have a ruddy good laugh, enjoy a ruddy good time, and make that as many people as you can possibly take along with you do too.

Ohh. and cancel the ruddy Daily Mail if you are daft enough to get it.

Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #70 the Five of Cups 2nd – 8th March 2015.

5 Cups

Whoops a ruddy daisy, someone has been a butterfingers haven’t they? Three cups spilled all over. Red, White and Rosé by the look of them an’all. But they were obviously big heavy cups, too much for one person to manage comfortably. And never mind, dear, there’s still two left. The thing is, they obviously do mind, don’t they? They have their back to the two full ones and are just gawping mournfully at the spilled ones. Nobody likes a mournful gawper though. My advice would be turn around, pick up your full cups, thank the Lord that you still have some left, then forget about the other three and get on with your ruddy life. The clue is in the picture, it’s all water under the bridge.

So it’s staring you in the face. This card is about coping with loss, and moving on. I was devastated when my Raymond trod on my Hairy Mary. She was my little comfort, and it always made me feel better when I gave her a stroke. Then that clumsy clot trod on her when he was getting out of bed one morning, and killed her. My lovely little Yorkshire Terrier.  It was a big loss and I could only cope with the grief by encouraging my Raymond to share the pain by regularly hitting him over the head with my soup spoon “dreadnaught.”

But then he died an’all, and the house was safe for little doggies again, so I got Madamoiselle Tuppence, and life gradually regained its sweetness. I could cope with the stresses and strains of daily living by sitting on the settee and tickling my Tuppence. She was my companion until the end of my days in the land of the living. My Hairy Mary was all water under the bridge.

And if you really can’t cope, there is always religion. See, there, over the stream, there’s a little church. Of course, as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on religion. I’ve been dead nearly 20 years and I still haven’t had any evidence one way or the other. But then it always has been a matter of faith. I never had all that much myself, knowing what filthy so and sos them vicars can be. But that’s what with them being men. And as we know, all men are filthy so and sos, whether they are vicars or not. But these days women are allowed to be vicars an’all, and women tend to have a bit more sense than men. That being said, it begs the question, why would they want to bother being vicars. I don’t suppose that I will ever get to the bottom of that one.

Four things that you might do this week (i) Get down off the fence and nail your colours to the wall. What are you? White, Red or Rosé. Myself, I am a sort of Sherry Brown. It is worth knowing though. Just in case anybody asks you what you are having. (ii) Count your blessings and smile. Never mind about what you might have lost. Think about what you’ve still got. (iii) Life is always better if you have something to stroke while you are sitting on the settee. It may be a gerbil, a guinea pig, a cat or a dog, or even a cock or a beaver, although one should always bear in mind that some creatures are more relaxing than others. The secret is to find something that responds well to a tickle. (iv) Make your peace with your religious figurehead, whether its Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or whatever. Make your peace with them, and then say, thank you very much, but I am not doing any ruddy violent nonsense in your name thank you very much. And if you don’t like it, you ca ruddy well lump it. These religious figureheads are all well and good, but you would do well to show them who’s boss and keep them in their place, and if saying that means that some soft so and so is going to seek me out and gun me down in cold blood, then so be it. He’ll have a job on any road. I’ve been dead for nigh on twenty years.