Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #55: the Seven of Cups 17th -23rd November 2014

Cups07Nobody likes a mysterious figure shrouded in darkness. They are unnerving. You don’t know who they are for a start, and you can’t see their ruddy faces, so you don’t know what they are thinking. You don’t know what their intentions are. They might be up to no good. In fact, in my opinion, to be on the safe side, it’s usually the best policy to treat them as if they are up to no good. Whack them with the soup spoon first and ask ruddy questions later. It’s their fault for shrouding themselves in darkness.

You might want to go a bit easy on the person shrouded in darkness on this card though. For a start, they have their back turned, so you have a slight advantage. They are preoccupied with all them ruddy cupfuls of stuff. But that’s not the main reason that you might not want to smash them over the head with a soup spoon. The main reason is that that person is YOU!

Yes, you! The magic of the Tarot is giving you the opportunity to take a good look at yourself from the outside. Forget about the shrouded in darkness bit for a minute. The fact is that Pamela Smith, the lass who drew the cards back in 1909 didn’t know what you look like, so she had to be creative. Yes, I know she got the hair wrong, and the shape isn’t quite right, but give the poor lass a chance. She has to suffer the indignity of everyone calling her drawings the Rider Waite tarot, after the publisher and the clever bugger who told her what to draw. Obviously they were both men.  As ruddy usual the woman who did all the memorable work, is consigned to the dustbin of history.

Any Road, there you are looking at seven cups. And they contain some rum stuff. A blue head, a person with a scarf over their head, a snake, a castle, some jewels, a wreath and a little dragon. Just for good measure, the cup with the wreath on it has a skull on the side of it an’all. The cups are surrounded by swirling clouds, which means that they are possibilities, not yet realised. You have to choose.

The thing is that at the moment, you are in a bit of a dilemma; you don’t exactly know what you want from life. And because of that, people don’t really know how to relate to you. (You can remember the shrouded in darkness bit now) Cups represent health, happiness and family, but some of your choices might put these things at risk. The castle represents solitude. The snake and Dragon represent people working against you. Like when I used to argue with my sister Pearl, the old dragon, or Raymond’s brother Albert, the snake. Make sure you take the right choice. Jewels are nice, but will they make you happy? Will the pursuit of fame and success end in an early grave. Remember what happened to him in “Tell Laura I love Her” I don’t like the look of that one with the big blue head in it either.

I reckon the card is telling you to listen to the advice of a mysterious figure in a headscarf. Stick with your Auntie Doris and you will be alright.

Four things that you might do this week. (i) Wash your cups out properly. Not just a rinse, a proper wash. Look at them! They are getting a bit stained in the bottom. I could almost tell your fortune by looking at them. And the fortune is grim; Botulism! (ii)Wear something bright and cheerful this week. It might save you getting run over whilst crossing the road in the dark. Or it might save you getting smacked on the head with a soup spoon whilst walking down a dark alley. (iii) keep dragons and snakes at arms length. Don’t get too friendly with them. Don’t ignore them, just give them short shrift. It works for me. (iv) Tell a friend about the marvellous weekly advice you can get from me, either at the Face Book or on WordPress. Don’t keep me all to yourself. Let other have the benefit of my wisdom an’all.

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