Auntie Doris’s Book Club #8: “Ghost Sex – The Violation” by G L Davies

I’ll tell you one thing for nothing. There’s some rum ruddy goings on in Wales, which is where this book is set. I’ll tell you something else an’all. Thus book is ruddy filthy. So filthy, that G L Davies sees fit to put a warning at the beginning that it isn’t for the faint hearted. He’s right an’all. It is so filthy that it made my hairs stand on end. I nearly had a stroke whilst I was reading it.
Apparently, in Wales, ghosts don’t just wander around with sheets over their heads, rattling chains and what nots, they actually get into bed with people and have carnal relations with them. But it’s no ruddy picnic. Apparently their John Thomases are as cold as ruddy icicles and some of them stink of ruddy shite an’all.
This G L Davies reckons he has been investigating the paranormal since he was eleven years old. So he must know a thing or two about it. Most eleven year old lads I ever knew were more interested in collecting tadpoles in jam jars, or football cards than in dabbling with forces that they didn’t understand, but it takes all kinds to make a world.
These days he reckons that he is an internationally famous ghost hunter, and he has a girlfriend who is an expert in the field of psychology an’all, so she can tell if the people who talk to him about the ghosts are telling the truth or not.
It’s all very convincing. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am dead myself, and have never heard such a load of tripe in all my life (and all my afterlife an’all,) I would have been scared to go to bed on my own after I had read it.
Still, I’m not saying that it isn’t a good read, if you like being given the willies, and a bit of filth. I enjoyed it. And you can get it off that kindles website. My nephew Michael borrowed it out of the kindles library for free, because he’s got that Amazonian Prime thing.
Old G L Davis has written another one an’all. “A Most Haunted House” I might have a read of that at some point, but there is a good serial in “The People’s Freind” at the moment, and it am a few weeks behind, so it will have to wait.
At least in “The People’s Friend” you don’t get shitey ghosts shoving their freezing cold willies into people without being invited, but then again, “The People’s Friend” is set in Scotland, which is a different kettle of fish to Wales. Just ask Harry Secombe.
There are a few of interesting bonus Ghost Sex stories at the end of the book an’all. Apparently there are women ghosts who have carnal relations with men an’all. They are called Succubuses (or succubi?) I’m not sure I believe in them though. Ruddy blokes will make up all sorts of stories to cover up what they have been getting up to on the sly. Being seduced by a ghost, isn’t even the weirdest one I’ve heard. Accidentally sitting on a conical bottle of copydex beats that one hands down.
I might have to write a book myself. “Copydex Sex – The Abomination”
Maybe not. Some tales are better left untold.


G L Davies has a WordPress blog! The Paranormal Chronicles

3 thoughts on “Auntie Doris’s Book Club #8: “Ghost Sex – The Violation” by G L Davies

  1. Goodness Auntie, Mystic Wales, land of my dreams! Glad I never got violated there, I slept in the shrubbery of a Tesco parking lot, and for a week in a hay barn, middle February. No ghostie nasties for me.

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