Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #43: The Tower – 15th – 31st August 2014

You ought to see the look on people’s faces when you are doing a Tarot reading and you draw this card for them. It makes all the blood drain out of them it does. As if they have got such a shock that their heart has forgotten to stop ruddy beating for a moment. Its no surprise really. Look at it. Those two people aren’t having a very pleasant time of it, are they? Lightening strikes their house, it sets on fire, and they fall out of it to their dooms. Not a lot of Joy there.
The first thing to note though, is that it’s a funny looking house. Who would want to live in a big tall grey building on a jagged outcrop of rock, with no windows in the lower floors? It looks like the sort of place a bad man out of a James Bond film would live in. And they have had a crown on the top of it. If you ask me, that’s just asking to be struck by lightening that is. So they have nobody to blame but themselves.
And look at him, dressed up like ruddy Superman. That outfit is going to be of no use at all when his body is dashed against the rocks below, same as her with her crown on. A fat lot of good that is going to do her. Mind you, even if she had been wearing a crash helmet, it wouldn’t have been much better.
What thus card is saying is that you can have all the fine things you like, and it can all come crashing down in an instant. In fact the finer the things you have, the further you have to fall, so the worse the crash will be when it happens.
This couple have been so taken up with accumulating the trappings of wealth and showing off that they have forgotten about the simple things in life, like a proper roof. They have isolated themselves in a place where no one will visit them, ignoring their friends and relatives, preferring to dress up and ponce about with each other. They haven’t been leading a very healthy lifestyle at all, have they? People who draw this card should take it as a warning to mend their ruddy ways, before its too late.
Four things that you might to this week. (i) Remember who your friends are, they are important! Ring one or two of them up for a chat, invite them over for a cup of tea and a biscuit. That way, if your house falls down, you will be able to ask if you can stay over at theirs whilst the insurance gets sorted out, without them thinking that you only call when you are in trouble. (ii) Make sure that you have got insurance, and maybe a burglar alarm, or at least some good, solid locks, and maybe a lightening conductor. And if you have a ruddy crown on top of your house, take it down. Most people make do with a television aerial or some chimbleys. (iii) Wear some nice comfy clothes. Theres no point in going about dressed like Superman or the ruddy Queen of Sheba all of the time. That sort of thing doesn’t impress anyone at the end of the day. (iv) If you actually have any windows on the ground floor (and lets face it, most people do) open your curtains and let a bit of light in. its plain depressing, living in darkness all the time. If your place is still dingy, tidy up a bit, or put some brighter wallpaper up or something. You will feel miles better for it!

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