Auntie Doris’s Book Club #6: D.I. Ghost by Lauren White


Don’t be put off by the rubbish cover, I like this book. It reminds me of that thing that they used to have on the Television, “Randall and Hopkirk (deceased).” Before them out of “Shooting Stars” did it. I mean back in the seventies with Mike Pratt in it. They both feature a dead detective, who attempts to solve crimes from beyond the grave.

Of course stuff like that interests me, what with me being dead these past 18 years.

Any road, Unlike “Randall and Hopkirk,” this book features a woman detective, who does not continue working with her ex partner, but teams up with the other victims of her murderer to try and make sure he never strikes again.

Its funny in places as well as thrilling, and by the end, I was completely wrapped up in the suspense of it all. I could imagine it being a decent programme on the television an’all, as long as we didn’t give it to the ruddy Yankees to mess up, or at least not until we had made a series of it on our own. I would like to see that big lass out of “Call the Midwife” in it, as the posh character “Bim,” You know who I mean… Miranda Wright, or something. They would have to get twins to play the detective, because she has a twin sister. I would definitely watch it after reading the book.

To be honest with you, Lauren isn’t too bad at explaining what goes on after you die as well. I wonder if she has any insider knowledge. She mentions death as being just one stage in the human journey and also mentions the next stage being “the light” which is essentially what I would call “The Meld” “If you go into the light, you don’t come back…” she says, “…You go to a higher dimension, another plane perhaps.” She also mentions that there is no Judgement in the light, which is true of The Meld.

But her story isn’t too concerned with the physics and philosophy of the afterlife, that’s just an added frisson. Its really a good old fashioned thriller, with a killer on the loose and a heroine who is out to stop him. Add a bit of romance and the paranormal angle, and its a very enjoyable read indeed.

I hope that there is going to be a D.I.Ghost 2. Because i Like the characters that Lauren has made up in the first book, it would be a shame not to find out more about them. Apart from D.I Ghost (Kate), and her sister Carrie, and her two boys, there was that Bim that I mentioned before, D.I. Nigs, (the love interest) and his new partner D.I. Fester and her old dead colleague Sergeant Ross. There was also a medium character who was very interesting, even though she was a minor character. Margaret Dryer. I would have her played by that other woman out of “Call the Midwife” The older nun thats a bit weird, Judy Parfitt, yes, perfect. Do you know, I might even write to the BBC about this…

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