Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #42: The Fool – 18th -24th August 2014

Well we all know somebody like this don’t we. And more often than not it’s a ruddy man. His wife probably only told him to go and take the dog for a walk for half an hour whilst she vacuumed the front room, and look at him. I bet she didn’t realise he’d gone out in her best green tights and silk dressing gown either. They wont be worth anything when she finally gets them back from the forensics department either. And does he know that he’s got her handbag on the end of that stick? I hope he does, and I hope he’s got some little bags for picking up the dogs little tods in it an’all. Not that it matters what with what is about to happen to him. And another thing, that dog ought to be on a lead, although under the circumstances, it’s a good thing that its not.

So there he goes without a care in the world, enjoying the peaks of Yorkshire with a white rose in his hand and a red feather in his cap. And in a moment he will be a lump of broken bones and torn flesh. But that’s what happens to people when they don’t look where they’re going.

I never had that problem with my Raymond. He was a careful driver, he had to be because it was his job, but if my nephew Michael ever asks you to get in a car with him, I would politely and firmly decline the offer if I were you. He doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “look where you’re going.” He spends half of his time daydreaming, and the other half fiddling with the radio, or with his ruddy mobile telephone or something. I even saw him doing the crossword in the newspaper once. Alright, so he was stopped at some traffic lights. The people behind weren’t amused when it changed back to green and he was still trying to solve “Seal hero arranged for passage.” There were a few horns honked in anger that day, I can tell you.
So if you draw this card, the simple message is pay attention to what’s happening around you, and make sure that other people are doing the same. You wouldn’t want to miss anything important.
Four things that you might do this week: (i) Take the dog for a walk, or someone’s dog. But don’t forget to take some little bags for its tods and to keep it on a lead. And don’t go taking it near to the edge of any high cliffs or places like that.
(ii) Have a go at solving a crossword, it keeps your brains sharp. You don’t have to do one of those silly cryptic ones that my nephew does, there’s easier ones in magazines like Woman’s Realm. But just out of interest. Can you solve “Seal hero arranged for passage” Its eight letters and the fourth one is “e.” (iii) If you are feeling adventurous, take a walk in the mountains, hills or or along a cliff top. There are some spectacular views. But don’t take a dog. (iv) Give a rose to someone, preferably a white one, but red will do.

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