Introducing Auntie Doris’s Archive


The Auntie Doris Years… At Last.. Archived properly for you to enjoy

We have been at this blogging lark a while now, me and my nephew Michael. We started it on the Facebook, and then, after a few months, he gets all big ideas and wants to put it on the WordPress. He reckons it is more Literary there, and a better class of people will read it. Honestly, he gets some rum ideas that lad.

Any road, I was against it at the time, but I’m coming around a bit now, because it’s easier to find stuff on the WordPress. At least it is when you get things organized right. I never have anything organized right on the computer, I tend to leave all that to him. So today, I have been on the sherry whilst he has been uploading some of the stuff that never got on the WordPress and organizing it with the stuff that did.

Any Road, the long and the short of it is, that he has been fiddling about for ages, and he has only managed to sort out my little homilies about the history of the 2oth Century. You can find a link to them at the top of the page, and at the top of this article.

You can probably see how my writing style has developed if you were to read from 1910 to the 1990s. And judge if I have got better or worse at it all. If there is any stuff that is particularly rubbish, blame it on him. All my stuff is done with proper grammar and everything.

If you do take a look and find any mistakes in the links to the articles or pages… drop me a comment and I’ll get him to sort it out.

He reckons on that eventually he will get me to help him edit the whole ruddy lot and spruce it up. He reckons that we can add a whole load more stories and information and make it something bigger and better than this little online collection. He says wants it publishing! Pretentious little bugger! He has already wrote a letter to the ruddy Bodley Head and Penguin Classics. He’s a soft so and so. Penguin won’t touch it. It is too factual and history based for them. He should have tried Pelican.

Over the coming weeks he reckons on that he will archive the other stuff properly, so you will be able to browse “They Died Too Young” and “Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week” and all the other little bits and pieces what I have written an’all. I suppose its nice to have a nephew who does stuff to keep my memory alive. But then again, its all just another way of drawing attention to himself. The ruddy show off.

Any road, enjoy.. and keep coming back here for daily doses of my wisdom from the other side!




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