Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #40:The Eight of Cups: 5th -11th August 2014.

Ohh dear. This is one of the darker cards. It represents, illness, separation, loneliness and uncertainty. But don’t worry. It might not necessarily be coming to you. Probably some Aunt or other elderly relative that you don’t care about very much. If you are lucky.
The person with red wellies on in the picture is leaving all his cups behind whilst he goes on a dark journey into the unknown. As the cups represent health, friends and family, it is going to be a difficult journey, and it’s not made clear whether or not they are going to be coming back any time soon, so it’s pretty ruddy grim. Even the moon looks grim, or the ruddy grim looking thing that appears to be eclipsing the moon somehow. I don’t understand astronomy and such, but I reckon if you see something like that eclipsing the moon, it’s a bad portent in anybody’s book.
It reminds me of the time that my Raymond had had a beer too many one night when we were at the caravan at Withernsea. He went out in the night, saying that he was just off to the toilet, and he didn’t come back for ruddy hours. We had our Michael staying with us at the time and we were both worried sick. Of course, my Raymond wasn’t wearing a red cloak and red wellies, he was wearing a plaid dressing gown and checked slippers. But he was certainly leaving his family behind, and it must have been a difficult journey.
He came back in the morning, and looked worse for ruddy wear, I can tell you. Apparently he was so drunk that after he had been to the toilet, he couldn’t find our caravan again, so he wandered around the site a few times and then gave up, went back to the toilet, and fell asleep in one of the cubicles. When it got light, he woke up and found his way back. I had no sympathy for the silly so and so, and I wasn’t going to let him ruin my holiday, or our Michael’s either. We left him moaning in bed, and went down to the beach as usual. I think that he even laid off the booze for a few days after that, but it didn’t last long. The soft lump could never give up anything for long. He was back in the club house that Friday, supping his bitter and mild mix. He kept a bucket by the side of the bed from then on though. Filthy so and so. I made him take it outside if he wanted to do number twos on it. Well. A lady can only put up with so much.
Four thinks that you might do this week. (i) Make sure that you have done all your business before you go to bed. You will find things much easier that way. Particularly if you are staying in a caravan. (ii) Think about making a will and taking out health insurance. You can never be too careful. (iii) Remind the people who count that you love them. They might tell you that you are being soft, but deep down, they will appreciate it. (iv) get yourself some decent pyjamas or a decent nightie. It doesn’t do to get seen in public in inappropriate nightclothes.

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