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So, Reenie Denver nominated me for this “One Lovely Blog Award” malarkey. I reckon that she is only trying to get around me because I called her a hussy, but I speak as I find, and her blog “Literary Mind Lust” reminds me of those ruddy magazines that my Raymond used to hide in his shed. He thought I didn’t know about them, more fool him. Filthy so and so.  Still, thanks where thanks are due… Thank you Reenie!

Any road: there are apparently rules to this lark….
A nominated blogger doesn’t have to accept the award, but if they do, they should…
1) link back to the person who nominated them
2) list these rules and display their award
3) share seven facts about themselves
4) choose some indeterminate number of blogs to nominate .

So here are seven facts about me…

1) I never believed in life after death when I was alive
2) You don’t need your glasses when you are dead, but if you manifest yourself in the realm of the living through someone who wears glasses, then you will need their glasses.
3) If you manifest yourself in the realm of the living through someone who has toothache, you will experience the toothache all through the manifestation.
4) The same goes for an itchy arsehole.
5) I am convinced that I am “better off dead.” Not that I had a particularly miserable life. It’s just that on the other side it’s ruddy marvellous.
6) Having said that, I don’t hold with people topping themselves. Bad times never last forever, and the pleasures of the afterlife are always going to be there, so you aren’t going to miss them.
7) I have always been happy with the way I look. I’m no ruddy oil painting, but I suit me, and I’m the one that counts.

And here are some blogs that I always look forward to reading

Red’s Wrap. Jan is an inspiration… She writes ruddy marvellous and honest stories about her family, and plenty else besides
Must be This Tall to Ride. Matt is a lovely man, who understands that all men are a bit soft in the head. I think that he is a bit hard on himself though.. Maybe a few sessions with Reenie Denver would sort him out.
Cabbage and Semolina. Cathy used to be a headmistress, so she must have something about her.. her blog has some lovely stories about her childhood in the 1950s.
Gotta Find a Home. Dennis talks to homeless folk and writes about it in his blog. He is a lovely person, as are the people he talks to.
Storytime with John. John is a primary School Teacher. Maybe Cathy used to be his boss? He writes lovely, funny, self depreciating stories.

There are plenty of other blogs that I enjoy, but right now, these are my top five. If you aren’t in the list, sorry. Maybe I will write about you some other time. My head is spinning right now from the business of adding all these links!

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