Auntie Doris’s That’s Swearing #11- Shite Arses, Toe Rags, and Scrotes.

imageMake no mistake about these cuss words. They are Tory cuss words. They are words used by the comfortably off to belittle those poorer than them. To dehumanise them, so that it doesn’t matter if they are used, abused or disregarded. “The great unwashed,” “the underclass,” people who live down Benefits Street. “Yes I know that the minimum wage for under 18s is £3.72 an hour, but that law wasn’t designed for the sort of toe rags that work for me, a pound an hour is more than enough for them!”
To make matters ruddy worse, people who are not all that well off sometimes use them to belittle people even less well off than them. “Look at him, what a shite arse, in his cheap clothes. They aren’t even in fashion any more!”
When people are treated as worthless and spoken of in those terms, then no one should be surprised if they become unpleasant characters as they try to gain a bit of dignity. “Those Scrotes on the council estate, one of them had the cheek to throw an egg at me the other day!” “It’s a good job he missed, Prime Minister, it would have been very inconvenient to have to have your suit dry cleaned.” “Ohh, I wouldn’t have bothered, these things happen. I would have just got a new one on expenses.”
“Shite arses” obviously comes from the concept of the undeserving, lazy poor. Someone who can’t even be bothered to wipe his arse properly is hardly going to be “arsed” to put a decent day’s work in. Of course, for most of those listed in Burke’s Peerage, the last time they put in a decent day’s work is a dim and distant memory, if they ever did at all. Then again, they probably have maids and servants who wipe their arses for them.
“Toe rags” is a phrase which comes back from the time when many poor people couldn’t afford shoes. Especially for their children, what with the rate that kiddies feet grow at. So instead, they used to wrap strips of material around their feet to give them some protection from rough surfaces and the cold.
“Scrote” is short for scrotum, which is the medical name for a man’s ball bag. In the days before the invention of Monsieur Talcum’s amazing health giving powders, men’s ball bags were generally stinky, sweaty, and generally unclean. In the case of my Raymond, the work of Monsieur Talcum was all but in vain, as his scrotum was usually in an unappealing condition. But to compare another human being to a wrinkled and unpleasant pouch of skin, just because they are poor, uneducated, or out of work is a typical trait of the ruling classes. Those who traditionally harp on about the importance of creating wealth, good education and full employment.
There are very few situations when it might be appropriate to use these words, although it may be useful to employ them against the very people who use them so willingly against others.
(i) Cameron, the Shite arse, he should look at the mess in his own underpants before he starts criticising others.
(ii) Osborne, the ruddy Toe Rag, bleating on about Austerity measures, I don’t imagine he ever scrims on shoes for his little Luke and Liberty!
(iii) Gove, the Scrote. My Raymond has more common sense in his ball bag than Gove has in his skull.

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