Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #38 The Nine of Swords: 21st -27th July 2014

Well we’ve all ruddy well been there haven’t we. Its no laughing matter when you can’t ruddy well sleep. Maybe your first thought when you look at this card will be “worms!” And I know that feeling very well. Worms can keep you awake all through the night, making you wriggle and scratch and writhe in torment. But this card rarely denotes a case of the worms. The person in this picture appears to be sitting still, and her hands are in the wrong place. No. The nine of swords means a guilty conscience. And lets face it, we all have one of those hidden somewhere deep down, don’t we. And sometimes, in the dead of night, you just can’t help those feelings bubbling to the surface. This could be my sister Pearl feeling guilty about causing all that fuss about that tea caddy, when she knew fine well that my Mother wanted mne to have it when she had gone. It could be my Raymond wishing he hadn’t been such a clumsy so and so that time that he trod on my Hairy Mary. Or it could be my nephew Michael after realising that parading about wearing women’s tights isn’t ruddy normal behaviour for a man of his age, particularly when you are alone in the house. Filthy so and so.
With it being Swods though. The guilt is more likely to come from conflict. And if you look at the panel on the side of the bed, you can just make out some terrible goings on. Some bugger with a sword is attacking some poor defenceless, unarmed person who is sitting on the ground. That can’t be right in anybody’s book. But it goes on all over the world, you only have to look in the papers or put the news on.
This card is telling you that you just can’t go on like that. Not if you want to be able to sleep at night. I don’t care who you are, and what your ruddy cause is. The slaughter of innocent people is just plain wrong. And its no use telling yourself that they deserve it in some way, because of what they believe, because they are poor, because they are foreign. No.. deep down, you know that its not right, and you will ruddy well suffer because of that deep down knowledge.
Alright. I know that not everybody murders defenceless people. But we should all think on. Maybe we all disregard others because of who they are, what they believe, how much money they have and what not. Sometimes worse than disregard. Sometimes we make life even more of a misery for them than it already ruddy well is, with cruel comments and actions, with ignorance, or just by allowing others to be cruel and ignorant to them. We should all buck our ideas up, or it will be us sitting up half the night with our heads in our hands. And that kind of discomfort is worse than ruddy worms, I can tell you.
Four things that you might do this week
(i) Try and do something nice for someone who is not like you. Someone who is considerably richer or poorer, considerably darker or lighter skinned, someone who is considerably more or less religious, considerably more or less intelligent, someone who is considerably more loud mouthed or considerably quieter. Choose someone who’s difference makes you feel uneasy or negative about them. The ting you do could be as small as a smile, or as grand a gesture as you can manage. Just do it.
(ii) if you are the sort of person who decorates their walls with weaponry, take them down and get yourself something less disturbing, like plaster ducks or paintings of children crying.
(iii) If you are the sort of person who has carvings representing past misdeeds on the side of their bed. Buy a new bed. Let the past go. It wasn’t big, and it wasn’t clever. Now is the time to make a clean start.
(iv) Have a small glass of sherry before bedtime. Particularly if you did (i)… You deserve it!

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