Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #36: The Ten of Wands, 7th -13th July 2014

Those of you who are familiar with the mysteries of the Tarot, will know fine well that the wands are symbols of potency, good stout hard shafts of wood, bursting with life particularly at the business end. And look at this bloke. He is struggling with ten of them! Most blokes find it hard enough to manage one. I know that my Raymond did. Once his got anywhere near bursting with life he could hardly sit still, and sometimes he just had to sneak off upstairs with the Kay’s Catalogue, or his Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’s “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” record sleeve.
Any road, this chap hasn’t really got ten stout staffs, he just suffers with a persistently stout staff about ten times more often than normal blokes his age do. And with that burden he is marching determinedly towards the building in the distance, because there is nothing going for him wherever he is coming from.
It’s obviously a sunny day in the picture, so prospects are good, but if you look closely there has been a bit of ploughing going on one of the fields, so it may be that our friend may be diverted into scattering his good seed on the land. A diversion that my Raymond often took. Not that I ruddy minded all that much. In fact I don’t think that my Raymond’s seed was all that good to be honest with you, which probably has something to do with why I am known as Auntie Doris rather than Mother Doris.
But never mind. Hopefully he will get a favourable reception at the house to which he is heading, and he will not be quite as heavily burdened on the way back. For he does intend to head back after he has shed his vibrant load. Do you see an overnight bag? No… Neither do I.
So my advice to any of the occupants of the house who become involved with this character would be, make sure that you have some sort of protection in place. Or be prepared to trap him there and make him face up to his responsibilities. Make him stay and get a job on the local farm or somewhere.once he starts putting in the occasional bit of hard work, perhaps his animal instincts might be reduced to a slightly more manageable level. And maybe his workmates will persuade him that yellow tights and a red skirt aren’t really suitable clothing for a young buck about town.
Four things that you might do this week: (i) Scatter a bit of seed. For some people this can be achieved simply by carelessly biting into a cherry tomato. For others, other varieties of cherry may be more to their taste. But be careful always remember, scattering seed can have far reaching consequences. Nobody wants unwanted tomato plants sprouting up all over the ruddy place, do they. (ii) Plough yourself a furrow or two. A bit of good honest work never did anyone any harm. (iii) try not to get that excited about things that your very excitement becomes a burden to you. Remember, one vibrant staff is plenty for most people. Spread yourself too thinly and you won’t enjoy anything quite as much as you should. (iv) avoid yellow tights with a red skirt. You are opening yourself up to unwanted attention and ridicule.

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