Auntie Doris’s They Died Too Young #27 John Winston Lennon – Died December 8th 1980 Aged 40

imageI never was a big fan of the Beatles. In my opinion they should have got their hairs cut more often, taken less drugs, and, later on, got shaved more. Fair enough, they had a few decent songs, but for every “Yesterday” there was something ruddy stupid like “I am the Walrus.” And half the time that John Lennon was the daftest one of them. (You can’t really count Ringo, because he only played the drums and felt more comfortable in his solo career reading Thomas the Tank Engine stories)
He was always trying to be clever and talking through his nose, and pulling silly stunts like sticking sanitary towels to his ruddy forehead. But there was a nice side to him I suppose. Otherwise that Chinese lass would never have married him. Although she was probably a bit unhinged herself, so maybe her opinion wouldn’t count for anything. Have you heard her singing? She sounds like a cat stuck in a barbed wire fence.
In fact it could be argued that she made him ruddy worse, encouraging him to lie in bed for days on end, and have photographs taken with her when neither of them had any clothes on. No wonder they moved house to America, they tolerate stuff like that more over there. They had to what with Andy Warholes and his ilk carrying on like they did all the time in New York. It wouldn’t be allowed in our York, in Yorkshire. The Archbishop would take a dim view of all that sort of Malarkey.
Any road, he did write one or two decent songs, and whatever people say, I still think that “Imagine” is a ruddy classic. The words are spot on in my opinion, and it ought to put all the politicians and religious leaders and what nots to shame if they listened to it properly. Even the title, it just asks you to imagine. Even ruddy religious zealots and raving UKIP supporters should be able to use their imaginations. We could all imagine what it would be like if there wasn’t a religion, or there wasn’t countries, even if we see the need for them. There’s nothing wrong with imagining stuff, is there? Unless you imagine some of the stuff that some filthy so and so’s must have been imagining whilst they were tying their kangaroos down. But if you imagine nice things, doesn’t it make you nicer? And that’s all that John Lennon asked you to do in that song.
Any road, that Tracy Chapman wasn’t very impressed. He thought that although “Imagine” was a lovely song, John Lennon himself was a hypocrite, a phoney, so he shot him dead in front of poor Yoko, one December night in New York. What with Paul McCartney already having been killed in 1966, that left George Harrison and Ringo Starr in charge of The Beatles. Ringo was itching to read the Thomas the Tank stories on the television, so George plodded on alone until he in turn was murdered by an intruder in his lungs in 2001.

One thought on “Auntie Doris’s They Died Too Young #27 John Winston Lennon – Died December 8th 1980 Aged 40

  1. Lennon. I wish that Ruddy Mark David Chapman had unloaded on that Chinese woman, Yoko. John would have thanked him for it after he woke up the dark spell she had cast on him as she bled out on the sidewalk, like in that Lord of the Rings movie when the lizard dude gets the boot out the castle by the guy with the beard and the stick?

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