Auntie Doris: Life on the Other Side #6: Reincarnation.


It has been pointed out to me that when I was going on about the different ways of returning to the realm of the living the other day, I never said anything about reincarnation. There was a reason for that. It doesn’t happen. Not from my part of the other side any road. Think about it. You can’t be having babies born with all the accumulated memories, experiences, ideas and beliefs of someone that has died, can you? That sort of a baby would be a very funny customer. So in order to go for re-incarnation you would have to have all that stuff removed. And then there would you be? You wouldn’t be occupying your old body, and you wouldn’t have any of your old spirit. You might as well be a new person altogether. And if you were a new person altogether, you wouldn’t be a ruddy reincarnation, would you?
Besides, if you were of the opinion that you don’t mind losing all sense of personal identity, you are hardly likely to want to waste it all by becoming a baby. By that stage in your journey, you would be ready to join The Meld, where all your memories, experiences, ideas and beliefs will continue, but it will no longer be you holding them all together.
If any reincarnation happens at all, it happens from The Meld, and the reincarnated don’t have the memories, experiences, ideas, and beliefs of any one individual who ever lived before, but a distillation of these things, in the form of wisdom, or, as I prefer to call it – common ruddy sense!
In fact everyone who is born has a bit of The Meld in them. Maybe some of them have bits that they can recognise when they get older and that adds to their personalities. My Raymond used to say that he had been a Red Indian in a previous life, and he got shot in the thigh by an American Frontiersman, and the pain still hurt and made it difficult for him to get around sometimes, but I reckon that was his excuse for getting out of doing anything much around the house. And maybe Uncle Godfrey was an exotic dancer at the Mahogany Bar in London in the mid 1800s, maybe that’s why he had certain peccadilloes around dressing in women’s clothing. Who knows? What I do know is that it is very unlikely that someone will die, pass over to the other side, go into The Meld and then get reincarnated as the same person. Unlikely, but then I expect that some religious leaders might manage it. Maybe a few monks and vicars and people like that. But maybe that’s just me being superstitions because of the way I was brought up.
I suppose I’ll find out when I go into The Meld, but like I said before. I’m not ready for that yet. I still have plenty of fish to fry where I am, thank you very much. On Monday I will be looking at what happens to the Animal Kingdon when they turn their toes up (or their hooves, or their pelvic fins or whatever they have)
Don’t forget, gentle reader. If any of this stuff causes you any discomfort, or you would like to enquire further, contact me in the space below, in order that we may enjoy some discourse together in the full glow of the internet’s spotlight.

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