Auntie Doris: Life on the Other Side #5: More on Ego and the Meld


I’m only still Auntie Doris because of my Ego. Some people have so little ego, and so little interest in the land of the living that they go straight on into The Meld when they die. Some people are so wicked and anti social, that for the good of the other side, they also go straight into The Meld when they die. Who decides? I don’t know. I think The ruddy Meld decides somehow, but don’t ask me how it does it.
Here in my bit of the other side we definitely get a different perspective on things. When you have been dead a little while you realise that your attitudes have changed quite a bit from what they were when you were alive. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a bit like when you are an adult and you see little children playing and squabbling, all wrapped up in their kiddy world. That’s how you start to look at the people who are still alive. A lot of the stuff that got you annoyed or wound you up when you were alive starts to seem really trivial. You see people who were racialists and homophones and what nots realising that they had been ruddy idiots all their lives. I’m not talking about evil nasty violent ones, they go straight into The Meld, but those who just had those sorts of beliefs but were otherwise normal peaceful people, Daily Mail readers (not proprietors or journalists), people who watched “Top Gear,” people like that . They somehow gradually build up a bit of common sense, and start to become nicer, more relaxed souls.
I’ve done a bit of that. But I’m not there yet. I’m still red enough to get all passionate about the lack of appetite for true socialism in my old home country, Britain, to have the fully calm approach of one who sees all human affairs as childish nonsense, and therefore, I still take too much of an interest in it to be ready to move into The Meld. But no doubt, my time will come. It would come a damn sight ruddy quicker if that Nephew of mine would leave my tights alone, and the government embarked on a corse of re-nationalisation. But once my ego goes I’m Melded. And once Melded, you never come back.
Or do you?
Think about this for a minute. Think about Lord Byron, or Anne Boleyn or Charlie Chaplin or someone. The Meld has all of their experiences, memories, ideas and beliefs in it. It also has the power to re-create them (at least in a spiritual state) and pop them out again. it makes my head spin a bit, but that would mean, that at least in theory, you haven’t totally disappeared once you go in. And also that the great minds and religious leaders who are in there somewhere. Maybe they contribute to the running of it. Maybe the god-botherers have got a point after all. I mean if those figures are in the meld and helping to make decisions about who goes straight in and who gets to keep their ego for a bit, well who knows what else they are deciding. Ruddy Nora! As Thomas Hardy said to Nelson…”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,than are dreamt of in your philosophy”
Tomorrow I will be looking at Re-incarnation.

If you are afflicted by any of the mystical malarky that I have been spouting in this latest set of little homilies, then leave a comment below and see if myself or anyone else can bring you some sort of relief.

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