Auntie Doris: Life on the Other Side #3: Keeping in Touch


When we move on in life, most of us like to stay in touch. We stay in touch with old school friends, old workmates, old neighbours, all sorts of people. So its only natural that when we move on to the other side, we like the idea of staying in touch with the people who we have left behind on this side.
Obviously its not as simple as it sounds. You are in a different ruddy dimension for starters. But, as you know, I am living proof that it is possible. (Well, maybe dead proof)
I keep in touch through physical manifestation. Its a tricky business, but If there is someone who you knew when you were alive, someone who (whether they realise it or not) is quite sensitive to other dimensions, you can manifest yourself through them. I’m stuck with my ruddy nephew Michael. I didn’t think that I had that strong a relationship with him when I was alive. But then when he started fiddling about with my old tights after I had died, his sensitive side was exposed and I was able to make the connection.
Some people can’t manage that route, and even those that can don’t all take it. They get upset because they can’t make a connection with who they expected to be able to, or they turn their noses up at the perverse nephews, weird secret admirers or similar living people who are available to them.
They may decide to try staying in touch through mediums. This is a bit dodgy, as people who you are getting in touch with can never be really sure if it is you or not because there are so many fakers and rogues knocking about.
Often, people use a medium doing a show in a pub, but at things like that, there are usually a whole crowd of the dead milling around yelling and waving to get their attention. “My name begins with F!” they will shout “or maybe an S” “I had something wrong with my innards before I died, I was in a lot of pain” “Tell someone who’s name begins with “K” (or is it “J”) that I left the money in the old tea caddy in the garden shed, (or was it the garage?)” It would help if they could talk sense, but its usually a right ruddy shambles because the dead people who turn up are not all that good at contacting the living, and the medium is pretty shite. Otherwise they wouldn’t be working in a pub
Others prefer to go to a medium who does private sittings. This involves careful observation of the living friend or relative and watching for when they make an appointment with a decent medium, then making yourself available. It only works if you have the sort of relative who believes in it enough to spend the money.
Another choice to pay a visit to a loved one in the form of a ghost, but this usually ends up in disaster. It is pretty difficult to get the hang of appearing, speaking and moving correctly in the realm of the living and it really puts the willies up people when you start knocking things over and moaning while you look like somebody off an old fashioned telly that isn’t tuned in properly.
Probably the most popular way of contacting the living these days is by using the internet. I use Facebook and WordPress, and although I use my nephew to do the actual typing, some clever so and sos up here reckon that they can manage to do it by somehow manipulating the fabric of cyberspace itself. Whatever that means when it’s all at ruddy home.
Any road, tomorrow I’ll tell you what happens to really bad people when they die.

And don’t forget, if you are personally affected by anything I may have mentioned here, don’t hesitate to comment about it, and I might be able to help… But then again I might just confuse the issue and make matters ruddy well worse.

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