Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #21 The Three of Wands 23 -30th March 2014

This is a card of longing. The poor chap is stood at the waters edge, looking over the water, and longing for his love, far away on the other side. You can tell that he is longing for his love because of the way he is holding that staff and the new life ready to burst out through the tip of it. I like to think that whilst my Raymond was away at in the war, he was thinking of me like that. But knowing him, he probably handled his staff a bit less carefully and made a mess with his new life bursting out all over the barrack room. The filthy so and so.
Its a bleak, lonely outcrop where this man is standing. And he has a couple of stout staffs in reserve, so when they do get together, he is going to be able to manage a little more than once around the garden. Its a bleak terrain over the water where his love is too. So its going to be difficult for her to look after her garden whilst he is away, but if he can keep those ruddy staffs upright, she will have no problem keeping her flowerbeds moist and full of the sort of nutrition that his saplings will flourish in.
There are a couple of other things to think about while you are looking at this card. First off, look at the colour of the water. It must be sunset, bedtime, but theres still ships sailing about. So remember: even though you are feeling lovelorn or fruity, the world still goes on. Resist the temptation to drop out altogether. Secondly, what has he got on his head? Is it a headband? Or an eyepatch? Or an elastic band to hold his glasses on. If you know someone who wears something like that, drawing this card could be a message for you. I got my Raymond an elastic band to keep his glasses on one Christamas, because he was always putting them down somewhere and then forgetting where they were. It didn’t work though. He just went dafter than ever. I think the elastic was somehow stopping the blood getting into his brain or something. Any road, I decided that he was better off half blind than completely doolalley. Four things that you might do this week.
(i) If you have somebody who loves you, be thankful, and let them know you appreciate it. If this means spending a bit of money to buy them an iced fancy or something, don’t be a skinflint. Buy them the iced fancy with a cherry on top (unless you know that they don’t like cherries, (ii) If you don’t have somebody who loves you, gaze over the metaphorical waters. There is someone out there somewhere (although they probably live in Tahiti). (iii) Book yourself a trip on a boat. Whether it beten minutes on the park boating lake or a fortnights cruise around the fjords or some ruddy where. There is always a boat trip to suit your pocket. And you never know what it might lead to. (iv) Put an elastic band around your head and have a glass of sherry. Apparently it heightens the effect. But Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to put the elastic band around your ruddy neck. That is called “scarfing” and can cause embarrassing accidents, particularly if you are wearing tights and attempting to burst forth with new life.

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