Doris’s Disciples #3: The Demise of Doris’s Disciples

ImageOh what a stupid old woman I have been. I have succumbed to the sin of pride, and allowed myself to read too much into having “followers” on WordPress. I do feel a proper fool now. I’ve had God botherers, intent on saving my soul, blokes with toothache asking me to pay for them having their teeth pulled out, and all sorts of odd bods wanting me to finance madcap schemes and what nots. The last straw was when I got followed by someone who didn’t even have a ruddy blog. Kameron George. I clicked on his name expecting to read about him and Mrs George setting up home with the little baby Georges, or his round the world solo boat trip, or how he exhibited his pet poodle, or at least some interesting interesting little titbits. Instead it took me to “best-home-business-links” dot com, and a search box. So that’s it for me. I’m done with having disciples. I knew it was a bit vain of me any-road, and I knew I was creating a rod for my own back an’all, if I was going to keep updating it. I just imagined I would make a few friends that way. Still, I am getting the hang of this malarky now. Facebook is for friends, WordPress is a bit different. Although there are some lovely people on here, and although I may well write to them or about them once in a while, I have other fish to fry.
Still, don’t think that I don’t realise that a mention from me has a certain value in the digital world. Ohh no, once bitten twice shy, and you won’t be pulling the wool over my tights again in a hurry Mr Kameron George. So here is my plan. I have put a bribe box at the side of my blog, and if anyone wants to bribe me, I will write about and link to their blog, website, or whatever they want in my blog. The better the bribe, the more glowing the write up. And the only clue that people will get about me having been bribed will be the fact that I will include details of it in the article.
So Kameron, bask in the Glory of the fact that your “best-home-business-links” dot com is the last undeserving website on the internet to be publicised for nothing by me. You will have to send me hard cash if you want my readership to click on your links in future. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

3 thoughts on “Doris’s Disciples #3: The Demise of Doris’s Disciples

  1. Oh Dear Auntie!
    You have made my day! Although I don’t pretend you to write about my blog, I feel the very same here, when blogging… I started my blog like two years ago but then It felt so revealing (even though I write under alias) that I erased it all… but my need to write was bigger. So, I began to write again… Anyway, finding your blog makes me realize that there are many types of writers and so many things to say!!! Thank you for your freshness

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