Auntie Doris’s Tarot Card of the Week #20: The Sun – 16th – 22nd March 2014

19 Sun

I’ve met plenty of people who think that the sun shines out of their arses, but so far I have never met anyone who is actually blessed in such a way. There are not many tarot cards that you can draw that are better than the sun, same as there are not many newspapers that are worse. (Not counting the Daily Mail of course)

The sun brings warmth and light to all our lives. There would be no life on earth without it. It makes a dull day bright, makes the miserable feel a little happier, and makes Withernsea feel like Saint Tropez. They say that you can’t polish a turd, but anyone who has ever had to clear dog mess out of their garden on a regular basis knows that a few days of summer sunshine dries the little buggers out, renders them virtually odourless and makes it possible for you to pick one up with your bare hands without daubing your ruddy fingers.

Look at the impassive face on the sun in this card. It is oblivious. It shines on the righteous and the unrighteous. It’s up to you what you make of it. It’s shone on them ruddy sunflowers and made them grow tall. And it has shone on that little kiddy on the donkey, with the flowers in his hair and the feather in his cap. ( at least I think it’s a he, the bits are tucked away in the donkey’s mane)

Look at that donkey a bit closer though. Do you know what? That is a dead donkey… The donkey of death! And it is transporting that kiddy through a dreary grey dead world. Does the kiddie seem bothered about it? Not at all. Not only has it got a healthy glow and some nifty headgear, it is waving a bright and colourful flag, bringing a bit of liveliness to its surroundings. Like sunshine at Withernsea. And if you play your cards right, that can be you. Cheering up the dull and dour, adding a splash of colour, refreshing the parts that other naked innocents cannot reach. And let’s face it. We all have a bit of the naked innocent somewhere in our souls. Even the oldest and most grizzled of us. Sometimes it just needs a bit of coaxing out, that’s all.
Four things that you might do this week. (i) Plant something. Even if it’s just an apple pip in a yoghurt pot. I ruddy hate gardening me. But there is something magical about watching something grow from a seed. Even if it does die after a few weeks and you end up throwing it out. Plant something small, and if you have any little kiddies in the family, let them water it. Don’t go asking any old little kiddies to come and water it though. People will talk. Look what happened to Michael Jackson. (ii) If you go in a cafe or a barbers or a garage where they keep a copy of the Sun for their customers to read… Swap it for a copy of the People’s friend whilst they are not looking. (iii) donate some money to a donkey sanctuary, (or a weasel sanctuary if you don’t like donkeys) (iv) Allow your inner naked innocent to express him or herself. But don’t go frolicking with any real naked innocents to express yourself. Like I said. Remember what happened to Michael Jackson.

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