Doris’s Disciples #2 Gianfrancogrande, csumnerw, Don Charisma, Lillian Druve, nageshbhardwaj, libraryalchemy


Well, it’s now a week since I started posting on WordPress as well as Facebook, because my nephew Michael thought that I should try and attract a more literary audience, and so far things have gone very nicely thank you very much. He is a ruddy slave driver our Michael though, and he still thinks its a good idea that I read and comment on the people who “follow” me, in some sort of a bid to gain friends and influence people. I’m sure that he wouldn’t be so keen if it was him who was doing all the writing though, but I suppose as long as there is sherry in his kitchen, I’ll give it a go. And some of these followers are quite interesting though.

Take Gian Franco Grande for instance, with his blog “Attenti al Lupo” Which probably means “Beware of the Wolf”. Hark at me spouting foreign! But WordPress has a translator button, just like in Star Trek, only for reading rather than talking. This is a good Job because nearly all of Gian Franco’s blog is in foreign too. Any road, there’s some nice stuff in it including an article about Isaac Bashevis Singer, who used to write short stories. He did one that I found really inspiring called “Mrs Poupko’s beard” I shall have to find it and read it again. He also writes about politics a lot, which I appreciate, because he has done about Che Guevara with an article which contains this lovely line:  “Look at the round faced and vaguely stupid Cameron, who never says anything important” Yes. I like Gian Franco!

Csumnerw is a funny ruddy name. His blog is called “The Virtual Politician” and he is rather deep and earnest but a very intelligent and very interesting young fellow. My nephew Michael could have turned out like him, if he had been able to keep off the drink. But that’s another story. I really enjoyed reading his piece on Church and State, and he puts loads of other thought provoking stuff up too. Maybe one day he’ll be a real politician. But then again, maybe that would be a waste of his talents.

Don Charisma reminds me of George Michael. Or at least the cartoon drawing of himself that he plasters all over his blog does. I don’t know whether that means he likes fiddling with himself in the lavatory, but if he is anything like most men I know, he probably does… Like he says… “Anything is possible with Charisma”. Don seems to be more of a photographer than a writer, but he takes some very good pictures, and probably has made himself a very nice calendar on his living room wall with some of them.

Lillian Druve was the next one to sign up to follow me. Isn’t Lillian a lovely name? Of course, I had a nosey around her site to find out a bit more and was thrilled to learn that she likes a game of ping pong. My Raymond used to like ping pong.  He bought a little set where you could clip the little net to the dining table (after you had taken the tea things off – and the cloth) He used to play against our Michael when he came around. But then one day after he had been drinking, he trod on his balls, and he never replaced them, so that was the end of that.

I found Lillian’s stuff a bit hard to follow, but I think that the idea is that she has become a millionaires or something out of blogging and wants to share her tips and tricks with you. I think that the main trick is to put adverts on your blogs.  Any road, why would I want to become a millionaires? I’m dead! And besides, I’m like the BBC. I don’t hold with adverts.

Then old nageshbhardwaj decided to follow me. Thank you nageshbhardwaj. I think that he is a digital marketing manager or something, which probably means he follows and likes loads of stuff without ever reading it or anything. This is a quote from his blog “Kumar Impex”  “At Kumar Impex, we believe that business brings people together and we continuously strive to strengthen that belief, therefore promoting mutual benefits.”  I could get Sid Burton to put something similar outside of his pub, the Rose and Crown. It might pull a few extra customers in on a quiet night. I think Nagesh sells paper. Drawing and writing paper. On the internet.

My latest follower is libraryalchemy. well. I followed her first and she probably only followed me out of politeness. But thats beside the point. I’d rather someone followed me out of politeness than that they followed me bacause they wanted to see me some paper or make me a millionairess or mqake me love Jesus or something. She writes nice, readable pieces under the title “Be Less Amazing” I liked her article about using common language (blue tongue, white collar) but I loved her piece “Blessed are the Dead” which opens with this little gem of a sentence “The Dead know things we don’t” Too right Dear, but I am trying to redress the balance with my little homilies. And I hope we will have plenty of stories to share in the coming months.

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