Doris’s Disciples #1: LF2, Kendall F Person and Welsh Beth


It’s nice when people follow you on the internet. I’ve only just started this WordPress lark, so it’s nice to have a bit of encouragement from the others on here. The least I can do is have a read of  what they write, and tell my friends about them.  The first person to follow my posts was LF6. Lightfighter 6. LF6 is an American, and a soldier, and  a Christian. To be honest, these are all things that I naturally eye with suspicion, being an Englishwoman, who leans towards pacifism and agnosticism. But reading LF2s little homilies, I don’t reckon that there’s too much for the likes of me to get into a stew about. He seems to be quite a nice chap for a gun toting bible basher. He enjoys going camping, likes nature, and is worried about the problems we might be causing to the environment. He also has a little lad in the Eagle Scouts.  My nephew Michael was in the Boy Scouts when he was a little lad. They wouldn’t let him in the Eagle Scouts on account of the fact that he was a boy. He used to say that he got thrown out because he refused to salute the Union Jack. But he was a fibber. What actually happened was that another lad got thrown out for refusing to salute the Union Jack and our Michael left in sympathy. He didn’t even tell them why he was leaving. He just stopped going. “And where would we be if we all refused to salute our nations flags?” You might well ask. I don’t know. Ask John ruddy Lennon. The next one to click on my button was Kendall F Person. Another American. He’s a right ruddy wordsmith, this one. I bet he reads a dictionary with his Kellogg’s in a morning. “I view the craft of writing as a performance art” he says. Ohh aye. And do you sell tickets so that people can come and watch you? Any road, he writes long involved pieces about telethons and neighbourhoods and puts links to music on them, and has recordings of people reading them out loud, and nice photographs and the lot. Looking at Kendall’s stuff is like looking at the Sunday Times. There is lots of it, there are loads of sections, some of it is quite interesting, and some of it is in ruddy Double Dutch.  The thing is, I’m not sure if any of it is true or if it is all made up stories. To be honest, I can’t even work out if Kendall F is true or just a made up person.”That’s rich coming from you!” I hear you say. “How is anyone supposed to know if Auntie Doris is true or just a made up person?” You might well ask. I don’t know. Ask Ludwig ruddy Witgenstein!  The thing is, that John F actually has proper “donate” buttons to his Telethons, to help him build community centres in his neighbourhood. So if they only exist in his mind, then I’d  like  to know what he intends to do with the money? I’m not saying he’s on the fiddle or anything, but I will say he is a ruddy clever bloke who knows how to string a few words together. Finally I get followed by someone from Britain. Beth comes from Wales. Like Harry Secombe and Shirley Bassey. She seems to change the title of her page about as often as she changes her knickers. She followed me under the name of “My Life” and then became “The Secret Princess 2013” but now goes as “my journey” She is my kind of girl though. She says that she is into writing about blokes and sex and chocolates and her kids and just ordinary things. (Old Kendall F should take a leaf out of her book.) She puts pictures on too. Like a set of photos of an old loony bin. Then she writes about a difficult childhood, and puts links to cures for Arthritis, and talks about other good honest stuff. She ought to send a few letters to my favourite magazine’ “The People’s Friend”. I’m sure that she would go down well with their readers, and they do practical tips and recipes an’all. (Not many pictures of disused loony bins though, they prefer pictures of Scottish scenery)  I reckon I might keep an eye on Beth though. I like her style. And she doesn’t seem to want me to become all religious or donate to ruddy Sesame Street either. She just wants someone to read what she has written. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Doris’s Disciples #1: LF2, Kendall F Person and Welsh Beth

  1. I totally agree Auntie Doris! May I call you Auntie Doris? Anyway I had the same reservations about this “Person” person… very grateful because he was my first follower and all but…(*whispers) I don’t think he actually reads my stuff. Is that usual? Rest assured I read ALL your stuff and love it, and love boring you with longwinded comments too.

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