The Auntie Doris Years: 1940


If you have never lived through a war, you can’t possibly imagine what it was like. In 1940 things were hotting up like nobody’s business. Hitler invaded France. We had the battle of Britain, and the ruddy Germans were flying over every night dropping bombs all over the place. Some people these days think the Blitz only happened in London. It didn’t. It happened up North too. It happened streets away from where I lived. You literally imagined that every day might be your last and when you went to bed at night you were never really sure if you were going to get a full nights sleep or not, or if you did get off to sleep, whether or not you would wake up in the morning.
Chamberlain resigned as Prime Minister just before the Nazis took control of France. Winston Churchill got the job. Yes, he was a ruddy Tory, and yes, normally I would treat all Tories with the utter contempt that they deserve, but not Winston. Not for how he sorted things out in the war any road. When that oily Cameron that is in power now says “we are all in it together” I could poke his eyes out. It’s a cheap con to get the rest of us paying for rich people’s lifestyles But back then, Winston could have said “we are all in it together” and he would have been right. Hitler was in the Channel Islands by the end of June, if he had managed to get that extra few miles over to us, he would have changed Britain forever. He would have ruined it for the Tories as well as the working classes. Maybe Lord ruddy Daily Mail Rothermere would have liked it, what with him being a pal of the Fuhrers, but the rest of us ruddy wouldn’t have. Working people or toffs, we would have all suffered, and Winston let us know what we had to do about it, and made us believe that we could do it an’all. Even if it was going to be all blood, sweat, toil and tears.
He saw us through the Battle of Britain that summer. And he made it clear that we were not going to surrender under any circumstances. We were all behind him. I for one would have fought them on the beaches with my ruddy soup spoon if I had to. Because we all knew that that Hitler was a BAD BUGGER! We didn’t know just how bad until after the war. But we knew he was all the same. The evidence was there every night, when he sent them planes over to bomb us.
Auntie Doris’s Pop Pick of 1940: Oh Don’t The wind Blow Cold” by George Formby “Let George Do it” was a cracking film. George even got to smack Hitler in the face at one point. But this song was a scream. He was going to be shot whilst playing the ukulele in an orchestra performance, but he escaped whilst singing this song! At last we has Gorge to make us laugh in those frightening days.

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