Auntie Doris Goes All Literary

I help our Michael write a few Facebook posts and all of a sudden he thinks that he’s John Ruddy Updyke or somebody. Suddenly just posting on Facebook isn’t good enough for him any more. He wants to connect to people who aren’t on Facebook and has decided he wants me to have a WordPress account, whatever that is when its all at home.

Well, I told him, I said “I don’t know about you, but I’ve got friends on Facebook, and I’m not ruddy leaving them all high and dry just because you’ve got ruddy literary asphyxiations. If you want me to do this fancy WordPress malarkey, you are going to have to find a way to run it at the same time as the Facebook thing without giving me any extra work.

So he turns round to me and says, “I can set that up, but I will need your help to do a few tests to get it working and I could do with your help”

So I says “Well, if you need my help, I’m going to need a bottle of Emva Cream for my troubles”

“Alright” he says. So here I am, writing nonsense while he tests out internet connection things. As if neither of us have anything better to do!

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