Auntie Doris says Hello to her WordPress Friends…

Even though she hasn’t got any yet….

Any road, it looks like I have managed to set up a WordPress thing.  Our Michael has coupled it up, so that I can carry on writing my little homilies on Facebook just like before and the internet will take the strain of putting it here. That should keep him happy until his next ruddy grand idea any road.  He has had me faffing about on and off all afternoon with this Malarky, so I reckon that I shall have to go for a lie down now. that sherry was a bit strong.  the proof of the pudding will come tonight when my piece on “Ladies Bits” becomes my first proper WordPress homily.

Of course if anyone ever reads the ruddy things, I would love it if they would make friends with me on Facebook and have a chat. i don’t bite, and you might just learn something.

All My best wishes,


You are allowed to comment... I don't ruddy bite, you know...

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