The Auntie Doris Years: 1924

1924-macdonald-x18816-mainThere was a brief golden period in 1924. We elected our first Labour Prime minister, Ramsey McDonald, a man with a track record of being opposed to war, and in Germany they put Adolf Hitler in prison. Imagine how the world might have turned out if this state of affairs had lasted a bit longer. But no, McDonald was in number 10 for about nine months before the Tories got rid, and the sodding Gerries let Hitler out after eight. What a ruddy tragedy. Ramsey McDonald was a real working class Scots lad, He was a bastard as well. (In the old fashioned sense of the word – his parents never got married). You can imagine how well that went down with the Toffs and the ruddy silly Daily Mail and its gullible readers, (whose direct descendents still read the same shite today, and lap it all up just as gullibly). He had another ten working class lads in the cabinet too, and they talked sense. They developed a system of helpfor the unemployed and created housing for the low paid. They tried to sort out the 1918 peace treaty that was so hard on the Germans that they were bound to start another war sooner or later. They recognised that the Ruskies were doing some good for their people (Stalin hadn’t started undoing it all yet) and wanted to resume trading with them, getting relations back to how they were before the revolution. The Daily Mail and all its jingo merchants were apoplectic! And like they always do when there is an outbreak of common sense and help for ordinary people, they lied and exaggerated and ruddy well scare-mongered until there had to be a vote of no confidence and another Election that the Tories won. Bastards. (In the modern sense of the word – unscrupulous, uncaring, selfish so and sos) They claimed that Ramsey was in league with the communists and about to introduce communism to Britain. They even printed a made up letter from some commies in Moscow and said that it was proof that a bloody revolution was on the way and the only way to prevent it was to put the Tories back in. Which we did, that October, and two months later the Gerries let Hitler out. And the rest is ruddy history.

Auntie Doris’s pop pick of 1924: “Does your Spearmint Lose its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight? By the Happiness Boys (Featuring Billy “Yes We have no Bananas” Jones) It was made really popular in 1959 by Lonnie Donegan, but the Happiness boys were there first. I can remember My Raymond asking me “can you catch it on your tonsils?” The filthy so and so.

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