Auntie Doris’s They Died Too Young: #5 Hairy Mary. Died 30th November 1993 aged 11.

hairy MaryMy Hairy Mary was a little bundle of delight, my darling little Yorkshire Terrier dog, the best companion a lady who was getting on in years could possibly have had. Many was the evening that I would sit absently stroking my Hairy Mary, whilst reading my People’s friend magazine. I could feel her relax and go all gooey. Her drooling often left a damp patch on my lap, but I didn’t mind, she gave me such pleasure. She used to enjoy her meat too. Arthur Knaggs, the butcher, used to like to give her a nice sausage whenever he had got me beef dripping. Bless him. He used to dote on my Hairy Mary did Knaggs. James Thwaite the veterinary loved her too, he used to rub cream into her little folds when the skin had gone dry, and she used to go all soft whenever she went near him. Not like she was with my Raymond. My Hairy Mary used to shudder at the sight of him sometimes, and he didn’t care a bean for her. He wouldn’t even give her a rub down when she was soaking wet. I had to do it myself, unless Knaggs or Thwaite were around. Always willing to be of service where my Hairy Mary was concerned, were them two. It was Raymond who brought about my Hairy Mary’s demise. The clumsy clot trod on her when he was getting out of bed in the dark one morning. Proper squashed her, he did. Some of her innards popped out of her little hole. It broke my heart, I can tell you. I never fully recovered from it and I had followed her to the other side within two years. My Hairy Mary didn’t stay on the other side long. Animals love to be re-incarnated, and in the past 20 odd years she has returned to earth as a canary, a Eurasian beaver, and a Koi Carp. Hairy Mary’s advice to the living: “Look after your pets. Whether you have a Dandie Dinmont, a Panty Hamster, or a Hairless Terrier, treat it with respect, and don’t let any useless bloke near it with their great clodhopping size nines.”

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